About Us

Hail all Geeky Parents!

We all love wearing our geek on our sleeve. So what's a family man to do? Geeky Parents provides apparel for awesome parents, striking the harmonious and legendary balance between responsible parenthood and cool interests like science, tech, videogames, fantasy, sci-fi, superheroes, tabletop RPG's and anything else you might consider fun!

Our brand is a Belgium based dungeon party, started by friends with a passion for geeky stuff. We watch all the movies you are thinking about, we meet up every other month for tabletop RPG's, we visit the conventions,...

On top of that; cofounder Vincent is father of two beautiful sons.


We value beautiful, top-quality products. And who knows, maybe your toddler will teach the other kids at kindergarten a thing or two with an awesome dinosaur shirt? We are as proud as you are to uphold the symbols of geekyness through-out society.
Thank you for choosing to shop with Geeky Parents!